Nicole Brandstaetter is a young photographer based in Vienna, Austria and raised between two cultures; Austria and USA. Her analog photography focuses on fashion and portrait.

Just like her identity, her work portrays a certain type of juxtaposition. For her, it’s about capturing a person in a completely unnatural setting and making it seem like the most natural thing possible. Her style incorporates heavy use of flash but also features softer, blurrier images.

Some things come by themselves, and this is how she feels about photography: Visions of daydreaming that one can manifest.

Analog photography is like a leap of trust; it’s about having an intuition without even knowing the immediate result. This is what has always fascinated her about this art.

2019 Brandstaetter moved to Vienna to pursue her passion for photography. In 2020, she started showing her work at exhibitions; including at the Academy of Fine Arts. Her work is also known from various online magazines and designers based in Vienna and the German-speaking realm.